The emotions of, and speaking about, living is something that has been a large struggle in my life. As I imagine in many other people’s as well. The complied frustration of growing up in a conservative, middle-class family is the fuel for my art. Topics that I was silenced from talking about in my previous communities, are the focal points of my work.

            I have a desire to empower voices that aren’t heard and raise awareness to topics that aren’t discussed. Mental illness, women’s sexuality, and abuse are all major topics for me. In a shouting sort of way, my art work frequents an element of shock. My work is not welcoming. It is a monoprint questioning the power of the word “bitch”. It is not deceptive. It is visual representation of my obsessive thoughts. It is not afraid. It is a pink and purple print collage of women’s nudes they took for themselves or sent to a partner.

          My work comes in a variety of mediums, allowing the subject to fit in many places, and the specific piece to be formed without restrictions. My goal as I continue being a creator is to talk about topics no one else wants to, for whatever reason. I want to evoke conversation, as well as offer a sense of companionship for those struggling who need to be reminded they are not alone.